Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary still seems to be running a substantial lead over most of the 2016 hopefuls and I fear that Americans who were disillusioned with Obama because he was black will be even more hoodwinked by the master of lies and deceptions because they want to vote for the first women.  Hillary Rodham Clinton is just as bad if not worse than Obama.  I encourage everyone to research this women and specifically if you are leaning towards supporting her in 2016.  America cannot survive a third Obama term. 

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Cloward-Piven Strategy and Obama

To some who have read about the Cloward-Piven Strategy and Saul Alinsky Barack Obama's actions of the past six years are really no surprise.  What is a surprise to me, at least to some degree, is that there are still a large number of Americans who still support him and think he is doing a good job as President.

He has done tremendous damage to this country, illegal immigrants are flooding our borders and he is giving them SSN and tax credits, our health care is a mess, his foreign policy is joke to the world, he sits by a Christians are slaughtered by Muslims and then has the balls to lecture use about the Crusades.  He is deliberately trying to collapse our system.

If you think Obama is a great President, I suggest you read about the real Barack Hussein Obama

Obama Didn't Know

So President Obama says he didn't know that Hillary Clinton was using a private email account while she was his Secretary of State.  He said he first heard about it from the news reports.  I think I have to call bullshit, here. You mean she never sent him an email?  I strongly believe Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are both lying to America about this, like they have on other issues, such as Benghazi.


Reflecting On Selma

As America remembers the 50th anniversary of Selma, known as the "Bloody Sunday March", we can't help but to reflect on just how much the first black American President and his administration has done to distort the dream of Martin Luther King.  It is really sad that after all Dr. King fought for, this man is doing his best to tear open that wound again and divide the nation.

Breaking the Law and Civil Rights

Somehow amnesty advocates seem to think breaking the law and receiving amnesty is the moral equivalent to the civil rights struggle.  It's amazing to see how ignorant people have become in this nation. 

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL), for instance, has declared that the amnesty movement is “our Selma.”

This jackass is nothing more than the Latino equivalent of Al Sharpton.  He is a race hustler trying to cause shit.