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  • Even though the Supreme Court voted 6-2 to uphold Michigan's ban on affirmative action, New York Times's Supreme Court reporter Adam Liptak in his lead story in Wednesday's paper first quoted Justice Sonia Sotomayor's dissent, the "most passionate and most significant dissent of her career."

    Liptak also promoted liberal ex-Justice John Paul Stevens's tirade against money in politics in a Tuesday interview, with the reporter lamenting that the Citizens United case -- in which the Court made the pro-free-speech ruling that government can't ban election spending by corporations -- had become "a judicial landmark."

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    36 minutes ago
  • When Aaron Sorkin’s leftist series “The Newsroom” debuted on HBO in 2012, then-ABC reporter Jake Tapper trashed it in The New Republic, writing “though “The Newsroom” intends to lecture its viewers on the higher virtues of capital-J journalism, Professor Sorkin soon reveals he isn’t much of an expert on the subject.”

    Via Buzzfeed
    , we learned that on Monday at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York, Sorkin admitted in an interview with former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau that Tapper was right, he’s not an expert, and he's not sophisticated on politics or journalism:

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  • "Photos from a magazine article about White House spokesman Jay Carney show he has Soviet propaganda posters in his house. Which proves that Carney takes his work home with him."

    ObamaCare, the Keystone pipeline, and the White House Easter Egg Roll were other topics of the April 22 NewsBusted, which you can watch by clicking play on the embedded video below the page break. To get the original NB comedy short to your email inbox, subscribe here. To subscribe to NewsBusted's channel on YouTube, click here.

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  • Chelsea Clinton announced she’s going to be a mother this year. That should elicit the same reaction reserved for the daughter of any former president: a polite ... how nice. But this is a Clinton; everything with the Clintons gets filtered through politics. It is fitting (and equally crass) that this news is met with this reaction: "Hillary in 2016, does it help or hurt?”

    Indeed that is precisely how pro-Hillary pundits reacted, leaping to profess this will succeed in adding warmth and humanity to Hillary’s image in the years to come. But put the celebration on hold. This was surely the same concept the Democratic pundits had in Little Rock when Chelsea was born in 1980, and the warm image never really stuck.

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    Yesterday, 23:16
  • Many consider "America -- love it or leave it" one of the quintessential conservative slogans. These days, however, according to Daily Kos writer Mark E Andersen, right-wingers don't seem to love America, but that doesn't mean they're leaving. They're still here, fearful and angry about a changing America, just like they were a few decades ago when they fought against racial desegregation.
    From Andersen's front-page post this past Sunday:

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Reagan Coalition

  • child pornography
    Rob Wainwright, one of Europe’s top cops, has warned of a sickening yet growing trade in online child torture porn. Wainwright, the director of Europol, says that viewers are using Bitcoin, a virtual currency that you can get a number of ways, to pay for webcam shows depicting children being sexually assaulted and burned. Wainwright said “The level of depravity seems to be descending year on year, frankly, including what seems to be in vogue now, which is live webcam ‘shows’ of toddlers not just being raped but being burnt with cigarettes. Sorry, but it’s happening online and it’s extremely difficult for us to identify.” Wainright added “This is about the criminal investigator finding it much harder to identify the crime, let alone the criminal. It is frustrating that [police] are not getting the message out, at least not loud enough for legislators to hear it.” Last year, authorities shut down a website called Silk Road, arresting its founder Ross William Ulbricht. The site reportedly allowed users to buy drugs and other merchandise using Bitcoin, a potentially untraceable currency. Ulbricht was charged with drug trafficking, computer hacking, money laundering, and conspiracy charges. According to Forbes, a second version of Silk Road was launched by the site’s administrators shortly after and many copycat sites have sprung up since. Bitcoin, because of its anonymous and virtual nature, can be used just like cash, which is also theoretically untraceable, and critics worry that along with the sex trade it can be used to fund terrorism and other illegal activities.
    Yesterday, 21:40
  • anthony hopkins
    An Indiana man is now facing more charges after he spit in the face and mouth of a police officer, telling his arresting officer that he had Hepatitis C. Police say 27-year-old Anthony Hopkins was arrested after assaulting a woman and then trying to scramble away from the cops. When police arrived, a 25-year-old woman ran over to them, yelling “He’s going to kill me!” She told officers that he had hit her in the face several times and dragged her by her hair across the floor. Police used a dog to track down the fleeing assailant and found him in a basement crawl space. The man sustained bite wounds from the dog after he refused to come out. Once the officers got him out, Hopkins spit blood into an officer’s face and mouth, saying “F*** you, I hope you die.” The officer then tried to lead Hopkins up the stairs and the suspect began to struggle, causing both him and the officer to tumble down the steps. Once outside, Hopkins turned to the officer and said “You know I have Hep C” as he spit more blood on the back of the patrol car. He added “I hope you get Hep C and give it to your wife and kids. Once I get out of here I’m going to kill you and your family.” It’s unclear if Hopkins does in fact have Hepatitis C. Hopkins has been charged with battery by bodily waste, intimidation, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct. He has a fairly extensive rap sheet, having been convicted of burglary, battery, stolen property, and driving while intoxicated. He is being held on $21,500 bond.
    Yesterday, 18:20
  • tobias bowen
    A New York man was arrested in London this week, four years after he fled the country to escape child rape charges. The man had apparently fled to Liberia where he ended up running one of the largest state hospitals in the country. Police say 47-year-old Tobias Bowen of Clay, NY, was arrested and charged with rape of a child and additional criminal sex act charges in March of 2010. Bowen was able to post his $10,000 bail and fled to Liberia shortly after a grand jury indicted him on even more charges. Some time later, U.S. Marshalls discovered that Bowen was working as the chief of Redemption Hospital, one of the largest public hospitals in Liberia. Bowen apparently became something of a local celebrity in Liberia, appearing in numerous interviews about the hospital. One article cited him as the president of the Liberia Timberwolves basketball team, quoting him as saying he wanted “government through the ministry of youth and sports to invest heavily in the development of sports in the country.” Earlier his month, U.S. Marshalls learned that Bowen planned to visit family in the United Kingdom. Bowen was arrested by a joint task force as soon as his plane landed in London. Bowen is expected to be extradited back to New York where he will face numerous felony sex offense charges. That’s quite a journey back to the states. Who’d have thunk that getting your picture in the paper while you’re an internationally wanted child rapist would be an ill-advised move?
    Yesterday, 15:00
  • teen mob
    A group of kids between the ages of 12 and 14 are being questioned by officers after they apparently went on a violent mugging spree in Central Park on Monday. The group of boys, one of whom had a wooden bat, first accosted a 32-year-old man near the park’s entrance. When they demanded the man hand over cash, he refused and was subsequently punched in the face before the suspects ran off. An officer says “One of them displayed a stick and started demanding money. Then one of the kids punches this guy in the face, and they take off without getting anything.” Cookie Weir, who says she saw the incident, said “His knees and everything were bleeding. He had shorts on and a backpack.” The kids then accosted two women and stole one’s iPhone and another’s iPod. Police caught up with at least one of the kids and later detained the rest of the group. The kids are now being questioned and reports say they will be charged with assault and robbery. The two victims wearing jogging gear left the precinct on Monday, telling reporters “We already had enough trauma this morning. We’ve already been through enough.” One parkgoer said “It’s terrible, terrible. We never have anything like that. I hope something will be done.” Another woman said “It’s very scary. Obviously, you give whoever whatever they want. Nothing’s worth it.” Another man said “When I’m here, there are plenty of people, lots of kids in the park, and I’m not concerned about safety.” One dogowner said “Sometimes, we’re alone, and yeah, sometimes I do feel a little bit threatened. I think you’re always on your guard a little bit. If you’re a New Yorker, you are.”
    Yesterday, 11:30
  • scott sholds
    There’s sick and then there’s just deplorable but this one might need its own classification. An Arkansas man has been arrested after reportedly raping a 2-year-old baby and recording the heinous act on his cell phone. According to authorities, 31-year-old Scott Sholds has been charged with felony rape and child pornography charges, including distributing, possession, and viewing, as well as computer exploitation of a child. Police were alerted when Sholds’ ex-girlfriend found the highly disturbing video on her phone. He is currently being held at Washington County Detention Center on $100,000 bond. The child is reportedly the daughter of a woman who had been living with Sholds. Police says that Sholds’ ex-girlfriend’s son had taken her phone and given it to Sholds, who is the boy’s father. When she got her phone back, she discovered the video of him raping the young child. According to reports, the ex-girlfriend identified the man in the video as Sholds and police have matched his voice with the voice in the video. According to police, Sholds had been living with the child’s mother for nine days. A man claiming to be Sholds’ half-brother, identifying himself as Chris Sholds, wrote on DreaminDeamon.com “I haven’t seen or heard from him since 8 years ago, it’s something I don’t understand, I feel so bad for the child, one thing I don’t understand is, why did the mother leave her child alone with him if he had only lived there nine days, eather way, I hope he gets what’s coming to him, words can’t even describe how I feel, I grew up with him as a kid, he did it to me and my brother, I’m 28 now.”
    Apr 21


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